Big 12 Tournament

Big 12 Tournament

Lindell Wigginton led the way for the Cyclones with 17 points and six rebounds. Marial Shayok and Michael Jacobson kicked in 15 and 14 points, respectively. Kansas went ice cold from 3-point range, shooting just 3 for 18 from distance. Dedric Lawson kicked in 18 points and eight rebounds for the Jayhawks in the losing effort.

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When Nebraska and Colorado left the conference after the 2010 season, it left the conference with only 10 members. The conference did not replace the two teams and therefore eliminated the Big 12 Championship game. Under the new format, which remained in place through the 2016 season, every team played each other and the team with the best conference record won the Big 12 title. In the event of a tie between two teams or more teams for the best conference record, then they were determined co-champions. Through the 2013 season, the winner of the head-to-head game earned the BCS berth in the Fiesta Bowl. This was later changed and the league recognized a tie-breaker starting in 2015. The change was made after the B12 was left out of the inaugural four-team College Football Invitational in 2014. The B12 presented TCU and Baylor as co-champs to the College Football Committee in 2014, despite Baylor having the head to head win over TCU. The move was seen as a play by the conference to get two teams invited into the new format, which backfired, leaving both teams out.

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