Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd

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Although she was initially criticised for being inconsistent at the beginning of career, and for losing possession too easily, Lloyd later developed into one of the best players in the world, and is highly regarded in particular for her outstanding determination, mental strength, and work-ethic. [112] A tenacious, energetic, and hard-working player,[112] she also is known for her control, technique, and passing accuracy, [113] and is capable of aiding her team both defensively and offensively, due to her stamina, strength, and tackling, as well as her ability to get into good attacking positions, and either score goals or create chances for teammates. [112][113][114] These abilities, coupled with her tactical versatility, enable her to be deployed in several midfield positions; although she began her career in the centre, as a defensive midfielder, she is most comfortable when moved to a more advanced role, as an attacking midfielder behind the forwards. [112][115] Lloyd has also earned a reputation as a "clutch player", due to her tendency to score decisive goals;[112] a powerful striker of the ball, she is capable of scoring from any position on the pitch, and can finish well both with her head and with her feet inside the area. [113][114]

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