Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg

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In 2012 Buttigieg demoted South Bend police chief Darryl Boykins after a federal investigation found that the police department had improperly recorded telephone calls. [41] He also fired the police department's communications director, who had "discovered the recordings but continued to record the line at Boykins' command". [41] The police communications director alleged that the recordings captured four senior police officers making racist remarks and discussing illegal acts. [41][42] Buttigieg has written that his initial decision to reappoint Boykins (the city's first ever African American police chief) was his "first serious mistake as mayor," while Boykins sued the city for racial discrimination over being demoted by the mayor,[43] arguing that the taping policy existed under previous police chiefs, who were white. [44] Buttigieg opted to settle suits brought by Boykins, the communications director, and the four officers out of court, resulting in the city's spending over $800,000 on out-of-court settlements. [41][45] In 2015 a federal judge ruled that Boykins's recordings violated the Federal Wiretap Act. [42] Buttigieg came under pressure from political opponents to release the tapes, but said that doing so would be a violation of the Wiretap Act. [42] He called for the eradication of racial bias in the police force. [41] An Indiana court is hearing a case for release of the tapes. [46]

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